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Administer A Will Or Trust With Reassurance

It is an honor to be named as someone’s personal representative (executor) or trustee, but it is also a tremendous responsibility. If you know you will be the one to settle the estate of your family member or close friend, you do not have to wait until death occurs to get legal counsel. You or someone else may have the power of attorney to begin managing someone’s financial affairs even while they are still alive. Or, if your loved one has already died and you do not know what to do about legal and financial issues, talk with an experienced, well-qualified probate lawyer as soon as you can.

Attorney Walter E. Suttle has more than 20 years of experience guiding residents of the Oklahoma City area through probate and estate administration. He is ready to give you the information and direction that you need to carry out your duties as an executor, trustee or agent through a power of attorney without fear or unnecessary delays.

Get The Estate Administration Process Underway

In an initial consultation, Mr. Suttle will help you determine the basics, such as:

  • Is there a valid will in place? Are there any trusts to administer?
  • What needs to happen immediately and what can take place over time?
  • Who is named as the executor (personal representative) and/or trustee(s)?
  • Are there any special complications related to debts, real estate, final medical bills or disagreements among beneficiaries or heirs?

Then, when you are ready, he will take the time to guide you through the steps involved in taking the will through probate or administering a trust. Thanks to his experience, Mr. Suttle understands that your family may have many activities to fulfill after a death in the family while handling a funeral and burial. He can take some burdens off your shoulders while you address urgent matters.

Ask For The Guidance You Need To Settle An Estate

If you are an executor, trustee or immediate family member of the deceased, attorney Suttle will advise you on how to protect yourself from challenges from creditors, beneficiaries or people who believe they should receive inheritances even if they may not. When you are a client of Walter E. Suttle, your legal position as well as respect for the wishes of the deceased person will be top priorities.

Call 800-670-3471 or send an online message to request a consultation with Walter E. Suttle at your earliest convenience.