An Experienced Attorney Guiding Clients Through The Legal Process

A person’s right to Social Security Disability can be challenged at any moment. This is why it’s important to have legal representation available.
Walter E. Suttle
Walter E. Suttle
Located in Oklahoma but able to represent you in Social Security cases in all 50 states, Walter E. Suttle, Attorney at Law , Is Here To Help
Walter E. Suttle
Walter E. Suttle

An Attorney Can Make The Difference

An unfortunate fact about Social Security Disability is that it can’t be easily accessed. Clients come to Walter E. Suttle, Attorney at Law, because, while there are never any guarantees, it can make the difference between the approval for Social Security Disability and a denial.

Attorney Walter E. Suttle has, for over 20 years, been guiding his clients through the Social Security Disability process. Utilizing his experience, he will assist you with the filing process and make a case for why it should be accepted when it has been challenged.

Don’t Wait. Plan Your Estate.

Estate planning is one of those things that nobody wants to do. It’s time consuming and feels like something that nobody should have to worry about until far later in life, but the thing about estate planning is that it never has to be set in stone.

Utilizing an attorney, you can ensure that your estate, wills and trusts are all taken care of so when it comes time to move on from life, you will feel comfortable knowing that those surrounding you are taken care.

It Never Hurts To Talk To An Attorney