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Create Or Update A Valid Oklahoma Estate Plan

If you already have a will, a trust and other estate planning documents, you may believe that you are set and don’t need to revisit this topic during your lifetime. In fact, however, many people do not recognize the flaws in their estate plans. You may have left out important information or neglected to follow the required steps to ensure that your will, trust(s) and other documents are valid.

On the other hand, you may not have created a will or trust yet, and now you realize that it is important for your peace of mind and your family’s security. No matter what prompted you to land on this webpage about estate planning in Oklahoma, you can turn to attorney Walter E. Suttle with confidence that you will receive straightforward counsel and guidance.

What Your Estate Plan Should Include

As a young adult, you may feel that death is likely far off and decide to postpone estate planning. Or, as an older adult, you may not realize that your plan needs updates. In fact, at any age, if you have assets or people who depend on you in any way, estate planning is as essential as any other aspect of financial planning. Contact attorney Suttle to discuss these and perhaps other aspects of the estate plan that you need:

  • A will that has been signed correctly and adheres to Oklahoma laws
  • One or more trusts if you choose to protect your assets in this way
  • One or more powers of attorney to allow someone that you choose to handle your affairs if you become incapacitated
  • A living will or health care directive that spells out what types of medical treatments you would or would not want in case of the unexpected

Many experts recommend scheduling a review of your estate plan about every ten years or whenever any of these things have happened in your life:

  • You have moved to Oklahoma and have not yet had an attorney review your estate plan
  • You are planning to get married soon; you have gotten married or divorced or your spouse has died
  • You will soon be a first-time parent (congratulations) or you are already a parent; your children have married or had children of their own, or gone through other significant life changes
  • You or your spouse has started a business and you want to discuss ways to protect the business in case either of you dies or is incapacitated

With more than 20 years of experience in estate planning in the Oklahoma City area, attorney Suttle is ready to smooth the way in your estate planning or updating process.

Schedule A Review Of Your Existing Or Anticipated Estate Plan

Ask attorney Suttle what you can and should do to ensure that your wishes will be honored after your death or in case you suffer an incapacitating illness or accident.

Call 800-670-3471 or send an email message. Mr. Suttle also guides personal representatives (executors) and trustees through the probate and trust administration process.