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An Experienced, Dedicated Attorney On Your Side

Attorney Walter E. Suttle’s law practice has a singular purpose: to serve the people in the Oklahoma City metro area in legal issues that affect them and their families. He provides essential services to residents who are no longer able to work and qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. He also helps clients create, revise and administer estate plans, including wills and trusts.

Mr. Suttle’s experience of 20-plus years demonstrates his readiness to get right to work on clients’ cases, whether they are applying for SSD, appealing a denial, drafting a will or establishing a trust. Learn about his background and qualifications through the link below:

Discover the ease you will feel while working with him in pursuit of your goals during an initial consultation. He looks forward to hearing from you so that he can recommend a cost-effective course of action.

The Advantage Of Attorney Suttle’s Counsel

At Walter E. Suttle‘s law firm, you will have the advantage of working directly with him and receiving individualized counsel. The only agenda will be to help you proceed through the steps necessary to prove your eligibility for SSD benefits or to plan or administer an estate.

If you are, in fact, eligible for SSD, he will help you document your disabilities, work history and other essential elements of your application. If you have applied and been denied, he can file an appeal on your behalf and represent you in the necessary hearings or court sessions.

If estate planning or probate administration is on your mind, you will realize you have come to the right place as Mr. Suttle listens carefully and clearly explains the tools that can help you achieve your objectives.

Start The Conversation About Your SSD Case Or Estate Plan

Your SSD case should not become any more complicated than necessary. Your application or appeal can be straightforward once your disability and work history are documented. In case of challenges, Mr. Suttle can bring in medical or vocational experts to strengthen your petition. Likewise, your estate plan or probate administration process should be clear and sensible. If there are rough areas to address, Mr. Suttle will draw on his experience and help you do so without delay. At Walter E. Suttle‘s law office, these will be the goals that you and your attorney work on efficiently. Mr. Suttle will apply his deep knowledge of these legal matters to meet your needs and expectations.

To schedule a consultation, call 800-670-3471 or send an email message.